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Sham AL Yasmeen

our Institution is indicative and developmental…. it was established in theyear 2010… it was functioning in an individual working system … with an institutional theme.


Exploring , Empowering , Developing , Gaining

Psychological counseling

in the preventive section , the developmental section , the therapeutic section with the aid of professional doctors


The best consulting services in all fields of service and volunteerism


The best professional trainers and specialists in qualification and training in the labor market

Sham AL Yasmeen combines

between perseverance and discipline…dream and reality… one and all… to build and enrich with quality the whole Humanity… it is a valuable detectable Secret the country is you…and AL Yasmeen is your legacy
together we seek to discover the best of what you have.

Sham AL Yasmeen mission in general

Sham AL Yasmeen Institution for guidance and Social Services means Human geography and not the Spatial one... it is containment , spiritual

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